Nothing Compares to TEMPUR-Material™

PREMIUM PILLOWS MADE WITH THE SAME LEGENDARY TEMPUR-MATERIAL™️ AS OUR MATTRESSES. A unique blend of materials featured in all of our pillows that work together to ensure your head, neck and shoulders are perfectly supported all night long. 

  • Adaptive Support - Precisely adapts to your weight, shape and body temperature
  • Pressure Relief - Alleviates pressure points in the neck to prevent tossing and turning
  • Long Lasting Shape -Maintains its shape night after night to ensure maximum support


Build the Bed of Your Dreams

Our power bases offer endless comfort — from custom head and foot positions to automatic snore detection and response^ — for truly personalized sleep. All the essential features you need in a power base, upgraded for custom comfort.

TEMPUR-Ergo® Power Base - 
Endless ergonomic positions, plus lumbar support allow a seamless and personalized sleep experience

TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base - 
Next-level comfort combined with personalized sleep analytics & daily coaching, plus an automatic snore response feature

TEMPUR-Ergo® ProSmart® Base - 
Designed for ultimate personalization with automatic snore response, plus additional relaxation features to help ease your mind and body


Why You'll Love It

Waterproof, highly stretchable and breathable, our mattress cover adapts to fit your mattress. Made with patented, temperature-balancing ThermalSense® fabric. Premium finish traps liquids and protects against stains.

CertainFit Mesh sides adapt to securely fit mattresses from 8" to 14" deep
Made of polyester fabric backed with a thin waterproof polyurethane laminate with added stretch to protect your Tempur-Pedic mattress from liquid and spills
Fabric is lightweight and promotes airflow for comfort